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The Catalyst, York Science Park | Units G5 & G6, Baird Lane | York YO10 5GA | UNITED KINGDOM

  • I

    Understanding the Specification

    Every process we have successfully concluded at Guided Solutions has begun with a bilateral transfer of knowledge. We listen and understand what our clients are looking for and, in turn, demonstrate to the client what the market can support and how we intend to deliver the employee the company needs.

  • II

    Widening the Mandate

    After the primary consultant has taken the initial specification from the client, they discuss it with each member of the team. This utilises the team’s expertise and leverages their networks, widening the talent pool from the very beginning of the search process.

  • III

    Full Channel Search

    The next step for your process is to pass through each of our search channels. We employ an exhaustive range of on and offline search tactics, combining traditionalism with modern technology and guaranteeing complete market coverage.

  • IV

    Longlist to shortlist

    Our full channel search yields a wide cross section of the talent eco-system. Prior to detailed shortlist screening, the Guided team will appraise and trim this initial long list shortlisting only those individuals which match the specifics of the GS Compass Reading. 

    A maximum of 5 candidates are selected and pass through our rigorous, custom built candidate appraisal system. The GS Compass is designed to interpret and dissect not only candidate skill-set, but mind-set too. The end result of this stage in the process is the identification of the individual who demonstrates the desired combination of both elements.


  • V

    Interview to offer

    We take pride in the individuality we pour into the processes we create with our clients, as a result of this, when it comes to the interview process we continue to support you as fully as is necessary. We understand the accountability we have to our clients at this most crucial stage. We never lose sight of the long term goals you set for the assignment and manage the closing stages of the process accordingly.