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The GS Compass collects, collates and codifies candidate information on an unprecedentedly meticulous scale, allowing you to critically assess the candidate information you need in order to make the optimum hiring decision.

The platform is designed to bring candidate and client closer together. Testing skill-set as well as mind-set, replacing the unease of the gut feel decision with a scientifically backed assuredness. With the help of GS Compass, companies are employing individuals, who stay longer, perform better and co-exist with their colleagues more harmoniously than ever before.


    Utilises cutting edge, internationally accredited behavioural testing methodology designed to deliver a holistic interpretation of the possible cultural impact of a new hire on your business, diminishing the misleading approach of hiring entirely based upon candidate skill-set.


    Offers a comprehensive variety of testing mediums to deliver intuitive insight, not only into the candidate’s current skills, but also the behavioural traits which will have a large bearing on that candidate’s ability to succeed within your existing team.


    The shared platform gives stakeholders and candidates the opportunity to interact more closely and gain more in-depth understanding of one another than any traditional process has allowed before. Mitigating the leap of faith associated with this most crucial yet under-measured stage of the hiring process.


    Through assessment of your company’s top performers, the GS Compass allows you to classify the measures of pre-existing success within your business, informing you how success is manifesting itself currently and how you can continue to build on this.