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The Catalyst, York Science Park | Units G5 & G6, Baird Lane | York YO10 5GA | UNITED KINGDOM


    Through a pre-existing relationship between Guided Solutions directors and the newly appointed CEO of an ambitious Scandinavian Start-up, we were instructed to build, on their behalf, a sales team across Western Europe. Our client was looking to introduce a direct sales presence into the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Norway Denmark & Sweden.

    The company, based out of Finland had developed a highly novel technology with potentially disruptive application centred on the Orthopaedic space. The technology had been originally developed by two Ph.d research students out of the University of Helsinki.
    The product area which their technology had application within was very much on the side of saturation. 2 huge multi-nationals had cornered the market with seemingly little appetite for the adjustment our client’s proposition presented.

    The product in question had been rigorously trialled clinically, regulatory approval achieved. Now all that remained to be done was to build a sales pipeline. According to the data gathered, the product presented both an improvement in clinical outcomes and a reduction in price from a health economic point of view in comparison with those products already dominating the marketplace.


    The first challenge of the recruitment campaign was to identify individuals in each of the localities who could understand and reflect the regional attitudes of the specific customer base. All individuals who could potentially fit this mould then had to be cross-referenced with the overarching requirement that the company had for a fairly aggressive expansion of sales in order to satisfy VC investors and other important timelines.

    Each market represented a variation from the next and slightly different criteria had to be followed to match what the client required from each region. Our search began quite logically within the two monoliths dominating the market, we then expanded our search outwards to cover those individuals who existed within the clinical setting of the product who had a commercial aspect but potentially from a different area.

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